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Kawasaki - GPZ 900 R A3-A6 (ZX900A) 85-89

GPZ 900 R A3-A6 (ZX900A) image GPZ 900 R A3-A6 (ZX900A) image
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Bike Description and General information

Service Infromation
Front Fork Oil cc (right leg) : 318
Front Fork Oil cc (left leg) : 318
Fork oil grade : 10W/20
Valve Clearance Cold - Inlet : 0.13-0.18 mm
Valve Clearance Cold - Exhaust : 0.18-0.23 mm
Tyre Pressure Front Bar / psi : 2.2 - 32
Tyre Pressure Back Bar / psi : 2.5 - 36
Engine Oil Grade SAE : 10W/40
Engine Oil Classification API : SE / SF
Engine Oil quantity with filter (litres) : 3
Engine Oil quantity (litres) : 4 (drain FR&RR drain plugs
Chain Freeplay mm : 35-40
Spark Plugs Gap (mm) : 0.6-0.7

Kawasaki GPZ 900 R A3-A6 (ZX900A) 85-89 Parts & Accessories

Front Twin Disc
Rear Disc
Fuel Capacity 22L
Reserve Fuel Capacity 4L
Voltage 12v
Ignition TCBI
Spark Plugs NGK DR8ES
Type Liquid Cooled 4 Stroke DOHC Straight Four
Bore x Stroke 72.5 x 55 mm
Compression Ratio 11.0:1
Displacement 908 cc
No. of Valves 16
Firing Order 1-2-4-3
Carburation Main Jet 135
Sprocket front 15
Sprocket rear 49
Chain Number of Links 112
Motorcycle Style Sports
Front 120/80-V16 Tubeless
Rear 130/80-V18 Tubeless
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